With the vast amounts of data available with companies now, there has to be a robust and reliable database management system in place. While on- premise database solutions have their own advantages in terms of security, privacy, easy retrieval and so on, cloud-based database management has been gaining more popularity because of its low cost, recovery, backup, sharing and archiving options.

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With Oracle’s Cloud database management solutions, XTGlobal offers the fastest, most reliable, scalable, and flexible database technologies of all times.

Database Consolidation

  • Single Database instead of Several Disparate Databases
  • Built-in Resource Management Tools
  • Multi-tenancy option
  • Flexible Configurations
  • In-memory Analytics

Mission Critical Applications

  • Zero Downtime
  • High Availability
  • Real Application Clusters
  • Automatic Storage Management
  • Flashback Database
  • Data Guard
  • Instant Detection of server failures
  • 3-way Storage Mirroring

Disaster Recovery

  • Automatic backup with a single Click
  • Full encryption
  • Cloud suitable as a disaster recovery site for on-premise databases as well


  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Engineered systems
  • Performance and High-Availability Options
  • Big Data
  • Database
  • Management Solutions
  • DevOps
  • Upgrades and Migrations
  • Cloud Services
  • High Performance Data Management


  • Uniqueness


  • Greater security measures

    Greater security measures

  • Meet exact requirements

    Meet exact requirements

  • Complete ownership

    Complete ownership

  • Better customer relations through tracking of preferences

    Better customer relations through tracking of preferences

  • Scalability and flexibility

    Scalability and flexibility

  • Easier to maintain

    Easier to maintain

  • Upgrade as you want

    Upgrade as you want