Though application integrations seem to be just integrating multiple independent systems, often it is more complex to integrate. Here comes the Microsoft Azure Integration Services to solve the complexities of integration.

Many platforms have moved from on-premises datacentres to the public cloud. Organizations started using cloud-based integration platforms like Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions for integration rather than using traditional integration technologies like BizTalk Server.

Making Integration Simple

Microsoft Azure Integration Services is an iPaaS solution with a set of cloud services, helps to accomplish mission-critical enterprise integration. It includes four core technologies to facilitate cloud-based integration and the four components of Azure are:

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    API Management – Includes API service which helps to publish your APIs securely for both internal and external developers’ usage, ensuring the connectivity with the backend systems hosted anywhere.

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    Logic Apps - Creates workflows and orchestrates business processes connecting multiple services in the cloud and on-premises. It supports the orchestration of business processes, work flows and many more.

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    Service Bus - Connects on-premises and cloud- based applications & services for implementing highly secure messaging workflows and reliable enterprise messaging.

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    Event Grid - Connects supported Azure and third-party services using a fully managed event- routing service. It uses a publish-subscribe model, to simplify event-based app development. This allows raising and delivering events.

Our Cloud Services

We, at XTGlobal design and deploy a wide range of cloud computing services. We use Microsoft Azure to develop scalable mobile applications for your business. We take care of all your infrastructure transition activities. Our experts assist you with the detailed guidance through all aspects of your transition without disturbing your daily operations. We develop an exclusive customized plan for your business specifically to meet your precise business requirements.