End-to-End Development

From discovery and requirements to production launch and beyond. Our team is highly experienced throughout the development lifecycle.


We identify sources for requirements and then use techniques such as interviewing, prototyping, and documentation studies to gather requirements from these sources. We develop sophisticated and descriptive ‘System Requirements Specification’ document.

Our approach to requirement gathering is both sophisticated and thorough. The XTGlobal method carefully considers inputs throughout your stakeholders, providing your project with the greatest potential for success.

  • Internal interview process
  • Solution prototyping and concept review
  • Formalized and actionable documentation

& Design

After thorough analysis of system requirements, our highly skilled architects propose detailed design solutions, including the preferred project technology stack and development methodology. Once the proposed solution is agreed upon, our Project managers can estimate the effort required to complete the project and prepare a detailed project plan.

  • Expertise in waterfall and agile methodology
  • Detailed project scoping
  • Deliverable timeline proposals

What Sets XTGlobal Apart?

It takes a combination of technology and business accumen to truly construct effective solutions. Our diverse industry expertise, management capabilities and technological capabilities have led us to continue our award-winning pedigree.


We’ve been providing IT Services and consulting since 1998, and are proud to provide highly trained, tenured and experienced development resources.


Our proven 3-tiered governance model offers the visibility and oversight required for successful development initiatives. 


Our flexibility in both project structures and deliverable models allow our services to best suit your unique needs.

Software Development

We have extensive experience building software applications using Java, .NET technologies and SQL Server & Oracle as backend databases. For projects requiring an emphasis on user experience, our UI/UX designers are available to incorporate usability best practices and modern design standards into your final deliverable.

Once developed and integrated, we can deploy applications on either cloud or dedicated Windows / Linux servers.

  • XML
  • SDK
  • WCF

Maintenance & Support

To get the most out of your development investment, it’s critical to keep maintenance and support top-of-mind. By carefully documenting development projects, our team can easily maintain your applications and enhance them as technologies advances or needs arise.

  • Bug fixing
  • Software upgrades
  • Feature development


XTGlobal Development Services


XTGlobal Development Services


XTGlobal Development Services

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