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XTGlobal™ Enters Into the SMB AP Automation Market with XTBills

DOWNLOAD AS PDF Plano, Texas July 14, 2015: – XTGlobal, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of the XTBills™ Beta program. Expanding upon its capabilities within the enterprise AP Automation and BPO spaces, XTGlobal has leveraged its expertise to offer a corresponding solution geared toward the SMB market. As a subsidiary of XTGlobal, XTBills will leverage […]

ReactorNet Enhances Invoice Automation through Partnership with XTGlobal

By embedding XTGlobal’s innovative paper-to-electronic process into EPRO, customers are now able to achieve Total Invoice Automation San Antonio, Texas – April 2015: ReactorNet, a premier provider of Cloud-based collaborative spend management solutions for medium- to large-sized companies, today announced the availability of its Total Invoice Automation service, an exciting new feature of their award-winning Procure-to-Pay […]

Writing an Effective Job Description

With an enormous amount of competition for top talent in the tech space, writing a standout job description is essential in attracting top-tier candidates. Is the job posting accurate? Is it concise? Is it compelling? Given the amount of time you have to make a positive impact on a potential candidate, it’s critical to trim […]

Beyond the Salary: The Competitive Benefit Landscape

As the IT job market continues to thrive in 2015, you will continue to see a larger redistribution of leverage from employers to job seekers. If you are like many organizations, landing top-tier tech talent has become an increasing challenge, with qualified candidates often requiring a lucrative compensation, along with competitive benefits and perks. Human […]

IT Hiring: The Art of Company Positioning

If you want to lure the best IT talent to your company, it stands to reason that you need to position your organization as a great place to work. This means creating an “employment brand” that appeals to top-shelf IT talent. The concept of “positioning” is not simply a matter of presenting a logo, slogan […]

7 Tips for Video Conference Interviews

Since in-person interviews aren’t always possible, an increasing number of employers are turning to video conferencing as an alternative to the impersonal phone interview. While all the standard interview preparation guidelines still apply to this type of interview, there are additional aspects to prepare for. Whether this will be your first interview of this kind […]

How to Succeed The First Week of a New Job

Finally starting the job you’ve had your eye on can be an exciting and stressful time in any IT professional’s career. You sold yourself as a valuable asset for the company during your interview, so it’s natural to feel the pressure to immediately deliver on that promise. Since making the best possible impression on your […]

What the Internet of Things Means for IT Professionals

While it began with smartphones and PDAs, there’s now everything from smart watches to smart thermostats available on the market. The Internet and networks that were once limited to just PCs now allow anything that has valuable information to go online. This new trend has the potential to impact all aspects of the job IT […]

Top 10 Traits of an Effective Staffing Partner, Part 2

While there is certainly no shortage of staffing and recruiting professionals IT hiring managers can partner with, not all will necessarily stand out as a long-term partner. In our previous installment, we discussed 5 traits that help define a top-tier staffing partner. In the content to follow, we’ll complete the discussion by defining additional qualifies […]

Top 10 Traits of an Effective Staffing Partner, Part 1

While there is certainly no shortage of staffing and recruiting firms available to IT hiring managers, not all will necessarily stand out as a long-term partner. In order to achieve this status, there are 10 traits and skills a staffing provider must possess. Today, we focus on five areas that separate a run of the […]