Insights-Driven Assessments

Discover how analytics can enrich your operational and decision making processes by transforming data into actionable insight

Transform Data Into Insight

Our team of “Insights Consultants” have deep experience in business processes and financial analytics alike. Our unique approach takes into account both organizational and technical considerations when assessing the readiness of an organization. The result is a transformation path to operating your business based on the actionable data.


  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Culture
  • Processes


  • Architecture
  • Information Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Project and Portfolio Management

Location Matters

Where Do Other Providers Fall Short?

To successfully transform into an insight-driven organization, it requires more than just technology, data and KPI.

Unlike most providers, XTGlobal conducts a deep evaluation of your business processes, and identifies exactly where analytics are best placed. Only then is it possible to derive the actionable insight provided by unified analytics.

Full-Cycle Expertise

Sometimes your technology stack needs to be updated to support increasingly complex business needs. Other times, business processes are quickly catching up with technical capabilities. It is the cyclical nature of the industry.

Whether your technology’s days are numbered, or if you need to understand how to effectively utilize processes for a new ERP implementation, XTGlobal is experienced in all phases of this cycle.

Application Lifecycle Management


Choosing the Right Testing Method for Your Business


Choosing the Right Testing Method for Your Business


Choosing the Right Testing Method for Your Business

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