Why XTGlobal?

At XTGlobal, our Oracle experience is as broad as it is wide, providing you with a partner experienced in addressing modern ERP challenges.

The XTGlobal Oracle practice offers:

  • A Comprehensive understanding of the updates and nuances of technology, objects, and configurations from versions 11i to R12
  • In-house Oracle EBS technical consultants with an average industry experience of over ten years
  • A team of expert EBS app DBAs, well-versed in upgrades, patching, cloning, migration, and maintenance
  • Engaged and dedicated leadership, alongside program and project management
  • A tightly integrated team, with experience working together across dozens of client engagements
Assessment & Review

Your Oracle ecosystem is a complex entity all its own, consisting of hardware, software, and not to mention complex business rules and stakeholder requirements. To keep your operational needs in sync with your technology, regular assessments and diagnostics can help identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies while potentially uncovering cost and resource saving opportunities.

For those considering an upgrade to Oracle EBS Release 12, this deep-dive assessment of your environment can help ensure a successful implementation and utilization going forward.

XTGlobal Oracle Assessment and Diagnostic Services:

  • Review of existing data, customizations, and business rules
  • R12 upgrade preparation
  • Database and security reviews
  • Detailed analysis reports
EBS Implementation & Migration

The Oracle E-Business Suite is not just a robust ERP platform – it could be the most impactful technology within your organization. However, to realize the operational and financial benefits, it requires a well-executed implementation, successful migration and ongoing support.

When deciding on an implementation provider, it is important to consider both Oracle breadth and depth of knowledge with Oracle solutions – otherwise, you may find that your implementation misses the mark when it comes to addressing stakeholder requirements.

Our project methodology is proven and rooted in deep experience across verticals, technologies and company size. This minimizes project risk, protects budget, helping reduce scope creep and delayed deliverables.

  • Definition of project structures and oversight
  • Requirement gathering and documentation
  • Data review, cleansing and normalization services
  • Migrating non-Oracle ERP solutions into the Oracle ecosystem
  • Integration of 3rd party platforms
R12 Upgrades

Oracle upgrades, while a significant undertaking, are crucial to taking advantage of the advancing capabilities and support of the platform. So while it may be a daunting task, we will work with you to ensure a seamless upgrade. In doing so, our consultative approach will drive the project and inform us on the approach best fitting your business.

Upgrade Consultations Include:

  • Data quality review
  • Cataloging of existing customizations
  • Matching current business rules against the desired state
  • Weighing upgrades vs. re-implementation
Support & Maintenance


XTGlobal Oracle enhancement services allow for your business to grow seamlessly, without the typical scale issues which arise when tech stacks are not correctly utilized and calibrated. Moreover, while there’s much to gain by optimizing your technology, this type of work often becomes de-prioritized for projects directly tied to revenue or cost savings.

  • Forms and Reports
  • Application tuning
  • System performance

Oracle EBS Testing

  • Test planning and project structure
  • Regression Testing
  • Automation, manual and hybrid testing
  • Testing for mobile and web applications
  • Management of test environment

Additional Services

  • Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Oracle reporting
  • Oracle DB upgrades