Statement of Work

XTGlobal offers short-term solutions to projects that are bound by time or budget constraints. Whether it is part of an existing project or a new one, we will be with you right up to the delivery and beyond. Our team of experts can get involved at any stage of your project, keeping the quality high and risk low in the process.

When is SoW Suitable?

SoW is suitable for businesses that see spikes in their activity that put a strain on their internal teams with the heavier workload. Having an external partner will help to absorb these shocks.

Some projects may require a little help to achieve the target…that is when XTGlobal can give you that extra push over the finish line.

Companies may sometimes face a talent crunch at some part of a project. Taking on a full-time employee just for a project is not only expensive but also time-consuming in terms of the recruitment process, training, and on-boarding. XTGlobal has a ready-to-deploy mix of specialists with a wide range of talent skills who can take on any project at any point in development.

With XTGlobal’s SoW offerings, you have:

  • End-to-end project management and delivery
  • World-class expertise in latest and multiple technologies
  • Visibility and transparency in operations
  • Full control throughout the project
  • Lower risk
  • Lower overheads
  • Strict adherence to budgets
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