Automate Repetitive Tasks and Focus on Core HR Operations

  • Streamline paperwork for new recruits and onboarding process

  • Simplify the process of reporting, enrolling, and tracking contingent workers

  • Get RPA software robots to provide unbiased scoring of candidates

  • Automate the process of updating employee contracts and documentation

  • Optimize solving common employee queries with interactive chatbots

  • Enhance employee experiences during onboarding, expense submissions, time-off requests

Upgrade from Human Resource Managers to Employee Experience Builders

  • Accelerate Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Quick Access to HR Reports & Data
  • Foster Productivity with Strategic Insights
  • Increase Employee Retention
  • Shortlist CVs based on Predefined Logic
  • Enhance Employee Experience
  • Maintain Candidate Records Accurately
  • Solve Queries Instantly with Chatbots
  • Enable Data-driven HR Decisions
  • Increase Workforce Safety and Compliance

Become a Pro People’s Peer with a Robo-Peer

With digital-led insights, fine-tune HR operations and enhance employee experience for the best and brightest. Befriend RPA’s software robots to automate repetitive HR tasks swiftly and accurately so that your HR Team can focus on being an efficient People’s Team.



  • Employee Retention
  • HR Employee Capacity
  • Process Accuracy


  • Onboarding Time
  • Compliance Errors
  • Repetitive Tasks

Power Up with AI-Powered Data Extraction

Manually extracting data from different documents increases the possibilities of errors and oversights. However, if AI-powered software robots take up this task, accuracy, precision and speed will be significantly increased.

Integration Becomes a Picnic

Working with incompatible systems for various HR Operations can be frustrating and can cause process gaps. With Robotic Process Automation, you can bridge the gaps and smoothen the system and process integrations for HR, payroll, benefits, and procurement.

Human-Robot Collaboration is the Future of HR

Are you still dependent on the old and outdated ways of HR Operations? Collaborate with RPA’s software robots to simplify and streamline most common HR Processes that involve manual and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on human-specific and decision-making tasks.


Empower HR departments to recruit smarter, hire faster, and streamline operations with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Speed Up Onboarding Process by 10x

Employee Capacity

Increase in HR Employee Capacity by 40%

Error Frequency

Bring Compliance Programs Error Rate to 0%

Fuel Excellence in the HR Department with RPA

Streamline and deliver efficiencies to your HR Team with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Transform your HR Operations with swift and smart automations without IT assistance.

  • HR Process Automation

  • Digital Recruitment Assistant

  • Face Recognition