Employ Advanced Automation Robots to Assist Your Attorneys

  • Streamline the common legal tasks and processes with the help of attended robots

  • Leverage skilled automation robots to perform e-discovery and regulation research

  • Optimize contract management through robots to handle versatile legal documents

  • Reduce duplication of tasks and minimize errors with legal workflow automation

  • Increase productivity in your legal department with automatic data management

  • Stay updated with compliance regulation changes using automated notifications

Make Security, Privacy and Compliance the Foundation of Your Legal Automation

  • Intelligent Legal Data Extraction
  • Ensure Encrypted Data for Security
  • Chatbots for Common Client Queries
  • E-discovery and Regulation Research
  • Simplify Matter Management
  • Access to Audit Trail in Legal Process
  • AI Supported Contract Review
  • Optimize Contract Management

GDPR Compliance with Robotic Process Automation

Leverage software robots to handle customer data and consent in conformity with GDPR guidelines and ensure safety. Moreover, RPA assists in generating reports and audit logs when you automate GDPR Compliance.

Trademark Clearance Automation for a Validating Success

Let RPA bots automate the tedious tasks of database lookups and keyword lookups for clearance searches and trademark management. Equip your Legal Process with the robotic expertise to identify legal barriers and streamline your process.

Automate Export Control with a High Degree of Confidence

Gear up and automate the export control audit process with Robotic Process Automation. You will save about 1000 hours of effort every six months and decrease the risk of working with sanctioned or restricted parties.


Get attorney time back by automating mundane legal operations and free-up time for more strategic lawyering. With RPA, reimagine your legal and compliance department as one that improves client experiences and prioritizes efficiency.



Reduction in Legal Processing Time

Employee Capacity


Legal Hours Saved in 1 Year

Error Frequency


Error Rate on Compliance Programs

Boost Legal Innovation with Digital Power

Provide the legal services your clients want by empowering highly skilled lawyers with better use of advanced technologies. Using Robotic Process Automation, ignite your Legal and Compliance Department with Digital Power to make a difference.

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Self-Contained Content Analytics Engine

  • Smart Software Robots