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Oracle Cloud ERP Lifecycle Management

The technology driven, ‪on-premises suite implementations are being replaced at a rapid pace by Federated SaaS Domains on the Cloud. This newer SaaS model is more business focused with richer application functionalities. The true value of SaaS applications can only be realized by fully utilizing and up-taking it’s incremental functionality delivered automatically by the software vendors. What used to be a major planning and upgrade exercise by IT, is now being handled by support side functional experts on a continuous basis. The support services organizations that do not recognize and incorporate this newer SaaS support paradigm are falling short in serving their clients in an effective manner.


  • Costly maintenance contracts to support customizations
  • Technology and workaround-focused
  • Customizations required to fill functional gaps

Cloud SaaS

  • Flexible support services for ongoing enhancements and value-add features
  • Business-process focused
  • Complex business processes out of the box

On-Premise → SaaS

The move from customized on-premises implementations to the SaaS model has necessitated a new paradigm shift in application support incorporating flexible cloud support models.

Leverage Vendor Horsepower

Getting the most out of a SaaS solution requires not just enabling new capabilities, but incorporating them consistently and correctly within the day-to-day operations. And since SaaS providers develop and deliver ongoing updates, value can continually increase with no additional client-side technical overhead.

Re-Define Internal IT

Previously, feature gaps were filled by some combination of internal development or integration with additional providers, demanding significant internal tech resources. SaaS migration allows for re-focusing internal IT resources on value-added initiatives rather than technical support and maintenance. 

Unlock Cloud Value With XTGlobal

Our functional experts have deep experience managing not only complex business processes and industry best practices, knowledgeable of the Oracle SaaS Cloud functionality update mechanism and its life cycle.

Dedicated Cloud Lifecycle Management functional experts assigned to each client engagement. When combined with our Cloud Center of Excellence, your cloud lifecycle and support needs will be dynamic and adaptable based on your business needs.

Oracle Cloud Support


Choosing the Right Testing Method for Your Business


Choosing the Right Testing Method for Your Business


Choosing the Right Testing Method for Your Business

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