Stock Robo-Power to Revolutionize Retail with RPA

  • Increase operational efficiency with data management automation

  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster order and return processing

  • Get access to real-time analytics of sales and inventory for efficient planning

  • Let software robots takeover the repetitive, manual tasks to reduce human hours

  • Enhance consumer experience with self-service options and automated alerts

  • Reduce operational costs and manual errors with attended and unattended robots

Add to Cart Robotic Process Automation to Boost Retail Success

  • Analyze Trade Promotion Performance and Increase ROI
  • Streamline by Setting Up Product Categorization Frameworks
  • Drive Down Operational Costs and Reduce Manual Errors
  • Manage Customer Queries with Automated Workflows
  • Deliver Single-screen Simplicity to Speed Up Resolution Times
  • Manage Transaction, Collateral & Funds Management Lifecycles
  • Access a Complete Audit Trail of All Inventory Movement
  • Optimize Order Management and Restocking with Smart Insights

Infuse Robo-Therapy into Retail Therapy

Leverage robotic assistance across the retail value chain from procurement to inventory management to sales and distribution. With Robotic Process Automation, identify risks, strengthen controls, and deliver more consistent, auditable, and compliant processes.



  • Accuracy
  • Compliance
  • Customer Satisfaction


  • Operational Cost
  • Processing Time
  • Merchandise Errors

Boost Business Productivity, ROI and Growth with Field Sales Automation

Streamline field sales activities like assigning resources based on job priority, journey planning, meeting customers, creating to-dos, adding notes, sending reports etc. with Robotic Process Automation. With process overhaul, simplify the day-to-day tasks of reps and help the tasks on-time to improve customer experience.

Reach Marketing and Sales Ambitions with Automated Merchandising

Use smart data analytics to gather insights on market trends and consumer demands. Adopt Robotic Process Automation to devise profit-increasing promotions, develop pricing strategies which protect margins and automate product sorting and sequencing to minimize manual errors.

Overcome Operational Roadblocks with Supply Chain Automation

Streamline supply chain processes including creating and disseminating reports, processing invoices and checking payment status against SLAs. With end-to-end supply chain automation using RPA, power up with accurate forecasts and data planning to manage high volumes of consumer order and ensure resilience.


Discover the power of RPA to optimize and align processes with CX goals while reducing operating costs. With Retail Automation, reveal automation paths for every process from the new product set up to management reporting with intelligent process discovery.

Cost Savings

Reduce Operational Costs by about 60%

Revenue Growth

Potential to Increase Revenue by about 10%

Automation Opportunities

No. of Retail Process Tasks that can be automated is 60%

Accelerate and Scale Retail Transformation with RPA

Transform operations, adapt for growth, and embrace new business models while driving costs down and increasing operational efficiencies. Use Robotic Process Automation to empower everyone from demand planners to store associates with technology aids to speed up efficiency and precision.

  • Document Understanding Framework

    Document Understanding Framework

  • Machine Learning Models

    Machine Learning Models

  • Smart Software Robots

    Smart Software Robots