Make Insurance Industry Future-Ready with RPA

  • Extend automated interface to branch staff through self-service options

  • Identify and route suspected fraudulent claims using predictive models

  • Renew policies in existing as well as new systems with workflow rules

  • Leverage robots to transform subrogation claims management practices

  • Simplify overall FNOL (first notice of loss) Processing to control loss costs

  • Accelerate insurance policy cancellation processing with RPA bots

  • Assure Underwriting and Pricing as RPA analyzes the claims based on past reports and provides the needed insights based on previous losses.

Insure Against Redundancy by Deploying Robotic Care and Process Automation

  • Analyze Claim History of Reports to Mitigate Risks
  • Provide Timely Alerts to Customers for Pre-loss Warnings
  • Rapid Quote Generation with Email and RPA bots
  • Drive Down Operational Costs and Reduce Manual Errors
  • Improve Customer Experience with 24*7 Chatbots
  • Automate Invoice/Receipt Generation Process for Payments
  • Enable Real-Time Damage Assessment and Repair Estimate
  • Reduce Time-to-Close by Digitizing Claim Processing

Level Up Insurance Automation with Robo-Power Protection

Transform data intensive and manual insurance processes such as changing coverage settings, adjusting claims, processing bills from vendors and client information search for verification with Robotic Process Automation.



  • Accuracy
  • Process Efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction


  • Operational Cost
  • Manual Tasks
  • Filing Errors

Navigate Policy Administration Tasks Towards Time Efficiency with RPA

Revamp rating, quoting, binding, issuing, renewing, and endorsing processes with Robotic Process Automation. Digitize transactional and administrative activities such as credit control, tax regulatory compliances, and accounting settlements to reduce maintenance costs and processing time.

Detect Frauds and Streamline Claim Processing with Insurance Automation

Provide self-service options to process bulk information from varied sources for claim verifications and settlements. With Robotic Process Automation, decrease errors, TAT, and detect accurate data to avoid fraud or suspicious data.

Empower Insurance Providers to Integrate Legacy Applications

Using Robotic Process Automation, connect incompatible legacy applications with new ERP solutions. Align RPA in existing workflows to ensure smooth processing and comply with the current system to improve back-office efficiency and customer experience.


Drive higher customer satisfaction by pairing chatbots and robots for end-to-end insurance automation. Leverage RPA to make handling frequent inquiries like claims status or premium changes fast and easy with personal robotic assistants.

Claims Processing

Speed Up Claims Processing by 75%

Quote Cycle

Reduce Quote Generation Turnaround Time by almost 50%

Processing Accuracy

Ensure Timely Volume Processing with an Accuracy of 100%

Take the Digital Step to Bridge an Insured Future

Boot up insurance processes such as calculations, validations, business rules, and scheduling using attended and unattended robots. Wield RPA power to automate operational and administrative procedure to deliver higher lead generation, client retention rates and ROI for your insurance business.

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  • Machine Learning Models for Evidence-based Medicine

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  • Smart Software Robots

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