Digital transformation is a must for modern enterprises and cloud migration is one of the essential parts of this transformation. Businesses looking to take advantage of global demand need to invest in cloud-based technologies that meet changing requirements. Cloud capabilities improve business efficiency, system resilience, scalability, and speed of delivery.

Any workload, from applications and databases to websites, servers, and data centers can be moved from On-premise environments, or public/private clouds to AWS Cloud. For building new applications in the cloud, everything from designing to development, testing, and deployment can be all done in the AWS Cloud by using inbuilt tools, methodologies, and best practices. The application will start to take instant advantage of scalability, reduced costs and effort, on-demand provisioning, and automation.

For those looking to migrate their existing applications to the cloud, AWS offers the same level of flexibility in terms of choice in programming models, languages, operating systems, and databases that are already in use. AWS Cloud solutions promise security and compliance for both Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid environments. With XTGlobal’s operational and technical capabilities, the Cloud migration can be seamless and simple, accelerating the ROI from the cloud investment.

AWS Cloud Migration with XTGlobal

A successful migration to the Cloud is imperative to balance quality, speed, and value. As an
AWS Consulting Partner, XTGlobal has the ability to create solutions and services that take the best advantage of AWS Cloud capabilities. Set a new stage for unparalleled precision and speed for all your applications, databases, servers, and every other IT infrastructure that your organization depends on.

  • XTGlobal’s primary goal for cloud migration is to improve efficiency and resilience of our clients’ IT systems.
  • We show how they can gain significant benefits by using new cloud-based applications and architectures.
  • We also focus on enabling innovation by helping our clients derive new products and service offerings that are not possible with traditional in-house IT infrastructure.
  • Our PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) solutions enable quicker provisioning of cloud capabilities.
  • The goal is to develop learner, more agile enterprises which can churn out qualitative products faster and can support growth better.

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AWS Cloud Migration Phases

AWS Cloud Migration Phases


Assessment of your objectives and cloud readiness is the first part of the cloud migration process. The assessment also involves an evaluation of your current on-premise or private cloud resources and generation of a cost projection for running the same applications or workloads in AWS Cloud. A business case is then built based on these parameters. The final part of the assessment is making a broad plan for the migration that explains migration strategies, patterns, and guidelines based on best practices.


Once we assess the gaps in your cloud readiness, the next phase is to build cloud skills and operational readiness to build the baseline environment for migration. Here we collect data regarding your applications and their interdependencies to arrive at the right migration strategy from among relocate, rehost, replatform, refactor, repurchase, retire, or retain. Using AWS’s tools and our own techniques, we determine the most suitable migration approach that will maximize the benefits and minimize risks.

Migrate and Modernize

During this phase, every application is designed, migrated, and validated as part of the migration process. AWS has tools that help to analyze the progress of the migration and identify as well as troubleshoot any issues. AWS Managed Services enables ongoing management, cost optimization, and operations of your AWS infrastructure to help your teams focus on their cloud skills.

XTGlobal uses years of migration experience, best practices, and AWS tools to undertake migrations of any size and scale. We take you through the complex process of with best practices, expert guidance, and KPIs that always keep your finger on the pulse of your applications.

XTGlobal Cloud Migration Services

  • Assessment Services

    Assessment Services

  • Migration of Workloads

    Migration of Workloads

  • Governance, Management and Optimization Services

    Governance, Management and Optimization Services

XTGlobal + AWS – A Powerful Combination of Cloud Capabilities and Custom Support Solutions

  • Trained and Certified AWS Resources
  • Data-driven Analytics for Improved SLAs
  • Automation Support for More Agility
  • Use of Tools and Accelerators for Faster Migration of Large Data Sets
  • Cloud Health and Optimization Services to Gain Maximum Benefit from Cloud Investments
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership and Overall Operational Costs
  • Minimal Business Disruption During Migration
  • Service Reliability
  • Assured Productivity

Database Migration with XTGlobal

Increasing dependence on databases for supporting large amounts of data in the form of text, audio, videos, images, and logs has made database maintenance a very big challenge. There is no one-size-fits-all concept for databases – every organization has its own unique dependencies, and they are ever increasing. Moving databases to the Cloud is the best option for organizations today.

Make your databases highly resilient and cost efficient at scale by moving them to AWS Cloud. AWS has a portfolio of high performance, fully managed databases that offer high availability at all times. XTGlobal combines its expertise in database management with AWS Cloud capabilities to keep your databases up and performing to the optimal standards.

The biggest challenge for organizations is selecting the right database to be moved and the right Cloud solutions provider. XTGlobal has vast experience in helping clients choose the right database option based on their security, encryption, separation, and other configurations. We ensure 100% accuracy in data after migration with minimal downtime. Our migration support extends much beyond, to keeping the databases running at optimal performance.

XTGlobal Database Migration Services

  • Pre-Migration Database Assessment
  • Database Migration
  • Configuration
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR)
  • Performance Tuning
  • Partitioning
  • Security Services

The XTGlobal Advantage

  • Reduced responsibility of DB Administration with Managed Database Support Solutions
  • Decision Matrix developed to Select the Right DB
  • Optimal DBMS TCO, Utilization and Capacity Management
  • Integration across all Applications and Partner Services
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