Inject Robots to Revive Your Healthcare System with RPA

  • Supercharge Provider’s revenue cycle management with patient access automation.

  • Automate Patient Referrals, EMR workflow and Notice-of-Admission like a breeze

  • Minimize friction and time to enable providers increase focus on care decisions

  • Enhance patient experience during scheduling, treatments, and billing processes

  • Optimize claims management by automating Payer process

  • Set up digital assistants for healthcare providers to do admin tasks during patient visits

  • Let digital robots takeover the repetitive, manual tasks to reduce human hours


Optimize Health resources by minimizing their role in menial admin tasks. With Robotic Process Automation, let healthcare professionals focus on critical duties, improve patient access to quality care, and minimize operational costs with RPA implementation

Health Insurance Claim Processing

Save Claim Status Checking Time by 7X

Equipment Inventory Management

Save Time in asset tracking by 6000 hours

Paperless Scheduling of Referral Appointments

For every 100 referrals, save 500+ paper sheets

Enhance Precision and Speed Up Medical Diagnosis with Healthcare Automation

  • Exercise Intelligent Patient Data Management
  • Self-service Tools for Scheduling/Registration
  • Automate Diagnostic & Procedural Coding
  • Boost Patient Data Analytics for Health Monitoring
  • Enable Automated Reminders and Follow-ups
  • Automate Patient Admission and Discharge Process
  • Notify missing test dates and alert priority discharge cases by sending reminders of follow-up appointments
  • Manage Testing Requests and Reports by providing timely patient reports. Leverage dependent systems like EHR or CRM to update the new data automatically

Experience Digital Cure with a Dose of Robotic Process Automation

A Patient Access Technology SaaS solution provider was longing to cure the complicated Notice of Admission (NOA) process. Read the case study to know how XTGlobal used Uipath’s RPA tools to automate the NOA process all the way from admission to payments for its Health-Tech client

Robo Assistants at Rescue!

Overburdened healthcare professionals with responsibilities to perform admin tasks such as membership management, eligibility checks, claims submission and billing weakens the healthcare system. Let RPA’s digital assistants rescue by taking over paperwork and help in maximizing focus on patient care.



  • Accuracy
  • Compliance
  • Patient Satisfaction


  • Operational Cost
  • Processing Time
  • Patient Data Errors

Reduce Manual Dependency in Prior Insurance Authorization

Submit and follow up on prior authorization requests for procedures with RPA. Using pre-defined coding, identify inconsistencies in submission caused by manual errors. Automate approval request of coverage for special tests, treatment authorization and cost related communication to improve process efficiency.

Monitor and Ensure Compliance of Discharge Instructions with Robots

Automate accurate implementation of hospital discharge guidelines, send prescription pick-up reminders, upcoming appointment notifications and medical tests. Leverage RPA to provide better healthcare, improve patient experience, reduce re-admissions and hence, improve hospital’s net promoter scores.

Invest in Smart Infection Control and Maintenance with RPA

Execute quick and monitored infection control protocols including screening as per regulatory compliance and CDC protocols, managing priorities, tracking patient care plans, sending alerts based on patient data thresholds to authorized staff, regulating cleaning schedules and maintaining records.

Revive Healthcare with Clinically Proven Technology

Automate repetitive tasks that drive up cost and slow down operations. Tech up administration tasks such as revenue cycle management, posting and reconciliation of payments, membership management, claim fraud & waste management with RPA and free up time for humans to focus on higher-value tasks.

  • Document Understanding Framework

    Document Understanding Framework

  • Machine Learning Models for Evidence-based Medicine

    Machine Learning Models for Evidence-based Medicine

  • Smart Software Robots

    Smart Software Robots