XTGlobal uses best in class MS Azure Cloud solutions to give our clients consumption-based, on-demand capabilities to keep applications running on a global scale. With streamlined deployments, a reduction in the need for IT infrastructure investments and updates, MS Azure is the ideal Cloud platform for businesses to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital world.

Cloud Enablement Services

Scale existing applications or create new ones with MS Azure cloud computing platform. XTGlobal assures high-performance application development and deployment based on MS Azure’s cloud computing capabilities. Accelerate your digital transformation journey with a robust and secure platform that is easily scalable as per demand.

Get the best of MS Azure’s range of cloud services for all your computing, web, analytics, storage and networking needs. See how XTGlobal uses latest tools in cloud-based DevOps, databases, security, development and management to create amazing applications.

Build Cloud Native Solutions

MS Azure’s fully managed services, seamlessly integrated development tools and built-in, enterprise-grade security makes application development easy and quick. Cloud-based tools support innovation, productivity, security, and resilience, making application development, monitoring and management easier and more effective.


Agility, accelerated time-to-market, and high availability are assured when applications are modernized with MS Azure’s Cloud-based modernization solutions. XTGlobal conducts detailed assessments of applications, makes decision on whether to refactor or rearchitect or rebuild, and transforms monolithic applications to Cloud-native design.


Reduce your capital expenditure on in-house IT resources and make the most of your Cloud investment. XTGlobal uses the approach Plan>Prepare>Adopt to make your Cloud Migration smooth and seamless. From defining the migration strategy to management and governance, XTGlobal ensures perfection in readiness analysis, adoption, and innovation.

Managed Services

Offload the complexities of application and database performance from your core IT team with XTGlobal’s Managed Services Support. Our comprehensive Cloud support gives you the ability to focus more on value-added, business critical applications and innovation. Gain greater access to data security, automation, application maintenance, and proactive staffing support from XTGlobal.

  • Managed Cloud Services

    Managed Cloud Services

    From infrastructure management to application of automation and DevOps to enhance your offerings, XTGlobal takes upon the task of creating a super charged IT landscape on which you can base the future of your organization.

  • Managed Application Support Services

    Managed Application Support Services

    XTGlobal formulates strategies to keep your applications running at optimal pace at all times. Beyond day-to-day support, we also offer continuous guidance to your internal teams for improving existing processes.

  • Managed Database Services

    Managed Database Services

    XTGlobal’s Managed Database Services ensure improved application performance, continuous service, and availability with zero latency.


Though application integrations seem to be just integrating multiple independent systems, often it is more complex to integrate. Here comes the Microsoft Azure Integration Services to solve the complexities of integration.

Many platforms have moved from on-premises datacentres to the public cloud. Organizations started using cloud-based integration platforms like Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions for integration rather than using traditional integration technologies.

Microsoft Azure Integration Services is an iPaaS solution with a set of cloud services that helps to accomplish mission-critical Enterprise Integration. It includes four core technologies in Azure to facilitate cloud-based integration:

  • Suitable for access by multiple users

    API Management – Includes API service which helps to publish your APIs securely for both internal and external developers’ usage, ensuring the connectivity with the backend systems hosted anywhere.

  • Suitable for access by multiple users

    Logic Apps – Creates workflows and orchestrates business processes connecting multiple services in the cloud and on-premises. It supports the orchestration of business processes, work flows and many more.

  • Suitable for access by multiple users

    Service Bus – Connects on-premises and cloud- based applications & services for implementing highly secure messaging workflows and reliable enterprise messaging.

  • Suitable for access by multiple users

    Event Grid – Connects supported Azure and third-party services using a fully managed event- routing service. It uses a publish-subscribe model, to simplify event-based app development. This allows raising and delivering events.

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