Digitize Manual Tasks and Mitigate Errors with Finance Automation

  • Leverage robots for error-free reconciliations, journal entries, financial analysis and external reporting activities

  • Transform tedious account consolidation processes in complex application ecosystem with swift robotic solution

  • Automate credit controls, expense management, manual financial operations to accelerate processing time

  • Erase billing errors and eliminate delayed accounts receivable and payable processes with automated operations

  • Overhaul the supplier experience with faster onboarding and streamlined communication

  • Optimize cashflow and simplify payments for multiple organizations with streamlined F&A tasks

Transform Age-old Finance Processes into Cutting-edge Operations

  • Improve F&A Employee Experience
  • Decrease Manual Finance Tasks
  • Extract Invoice Data with Ease
  • Thoroughly Documented Audit Trails
  • Reliable Single Source of Financial Truth
  • Enable Data-driven F&A Decisions
  • Increased Focus on Innovative Work
  • Reduce F&A Operational Costs

Streamline your F&A operations with O2C Automation

Transform your Finance and Accounting department with order-to-cash automation. Using Robotic Process Automation, bring in software bots that facilitate information retrieval directly from different sources and reconcile amounts with accuracy.

Simplify Consolidation and Collaboration in P2P Process with RPA

Enable timely updation of vendor records, validate amounts to improve the process efficiency and avoid overpayments with Procure-to-Pay Automation. With RPA, reduce paperwork by 90%, achieve improved turnaround time, and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

Automate End-to-End Treasury Management Process for Decisive Success

Improve manual consolidation and reconciliation, timeliness of cash position reporting and forecast and ensure optimum use of limited financial resources with Treasury Operations Automation. Assisted by swift and efficient RPA bots, get real-time actionable insights to make competitive decisions.


Enhance your Finance and Accounting Operations with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Simplify and Succeed

Sales Order Workload


of Workload can be Shifted to Robots



Faster Reconciliation Times

Transaction Processing


Greater Capacity can be Ensured

Support your F&A Department with Digital Workforce

Increase efficiency, productivity, low processing costs, and risk reduction in your Finance and Accounting Operations. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), streamline compliance, integrate new acquisitions, and empower your team.

  • Smart Software Robots

  • Machine Learning Platform

  • Ready-to-go Connectors