Assemble Automation Robots to Create Modern RPA-powered QA Capabilities

  • Eliminate mundane and common repetitive Quality Assurance tasks with digital tools

  • Enable application optimization with reusable automation libraries for QA Testing

  • Leverage Low-code automation for managing efficient & on-par technology testing

  • Monitor and schedule distributed execution of automate tests to keep the quality in check

  • Generate, manage, reuse test data for a continuous Quality Assurance of any technology

  • Analyze detailed test result logs to improve endurance of your digital operations

Procure Resilient Quality Across Enterprise with QA Automation

  • Uncover Underlying Issues
  • Fix Detected problems
  • Store Dynamic Test Data
  • Access Low-code Interface
  • Generate Synthetic Test Data
  • Analyze Test Results in Detail
  • Deploy Robots to Execute Tests
  • Acquire Test Results Promptly

Enterprise Integrations

Seamlessly connects to your Application Lifecycle Management toolchain and DevOps tooling to integrate into your existing processes.

Mobile Automation

Access to Automated test cases to check the quality of your web, native or hybrid mobile applications on different devices and operating systems.

360° Test Management

Monitor robots’ workflow with automation, manage and map test cases, reuse test data and analyze execution results with data-driven testing.


Rapidly deliver value while minimizing resource investment and risks with Quality Assurance Automation that prioritizes quality and ensures endurance.

Test Automation


of Speed for Automating Tests can be Increased



of Efforts in Maintenance can be Reduced

Reusable Tests


of Test Components and Data can be Reused

Transform your QA Department with Digital Reinforcements

Resolve underlying issues proactively with a continuous automated testing drive. With Robotic Process Automation, build a next-gen digital army to manage testing efficiency, minimize maintenance, and establish accuracy in quality for enduring success.

  • SAP Automation

  • Digital Test Manager

  • Resilient Test Robots