Cloud Migration

Cloud benefits business efficiency with unprecedented control over performance and scale. With our cloud migration services, XTGlobal is with you on your journey to cloud – we help you with choosing the right public cloud solution, data mobility, and migration, including prototyping and custom development.

Almost every enterprise has legacy infrastructure and production systems deployed locally. Business can gain enormously from their operational efficiency if they are cloud-based. We are specialized in executing application migrations to the cloud enhancing performance, efficiency, and flexibility without disrupting the normal operations. With our expertise in object-oriented programming concepts, we offer efficient, robust and maintenance free cloud application development services for you. Cloud migration is more effective through the development of web services and APIs as these apps are more usable and flexible across your enterprise network.

From the significant key cloud players today like Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud, our cloud advisory experts help you to identify the solution that suits best to your specific business requirement. You will have an option to choose from our list of cloud migration services and start your cloud journey with us.

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