API Integration platforms give the best of both worlds- Use of existing integration but with enhanced capabilities, thus saving both time and money. API integration allows for connecting existing technologies instead of building applications from scratch. A proper integration tool helps to keep all the APIs in place, simplifying their management, security and overview.

Automate the Process

For organizations looking to digitize and automate their processes and integrate, XTGlobal with third-party software can accomplish this using our Web Service Application Programming Interface (API).The web service API is used to integrate e-commerce platforms, accounting software, and business software with XTGlobal automate tasks such as importing orders, initializing the optimization and getting the information about planned routes.

  • Suitable for access by multiple users

    Importing Order

  • Updates Automatically

    Initializing the Optimization

  • Extremely Secure

    Information about planned routes

Enhancing Experience

Our Integrated Single Platform helps in building immersive websites and web apps, creates cross-platform mobile apps and targets upcoming user touch points such as IoT with one platform. We not only empower service providers with the ability to develop new interfaces, but we also ensure the end-user experience is constant with their existing applications and web properties. Our advanced dev tools such as Flexible CI/CD pipeline delivers any app for any platform. Our Dev/Test environments in the cloud help to improve productivity and agility.