Senior DevOps Engineer


Plano, TX, or other unanticipated locations throughout the U.S.

Responsibilities include:

Analyze DevOps requirements for new feature implementation. Perform Impact analysis on change requests to ensure existing build and deployment logic compatibility with new workflows. Work closely with Environment support, Development and Architecture teams in understanding the build and deployment process and recommend best practices. Review and analyze applications release notes for build and deployment changes. Provide solutions for DevOps automation requirements to meet the build and deployment aspects. Incorporate/implement/commit changes on respective branches in SYN/GIT repositories. Ensure token externalization logic aligns with build properties and meets deployment logic. Manage and administer GitHub and SYN repositories for version control and configuration management. Provide SCM support in branch management, merge conflict resolution. Perform binary repository management using JFrog Artifactory and load balancing, reverse proxy, mail proxy and HTTP cache using the Nginx. Test, build, design and maintain the Continuous Integration (CI) process using the tools Jenkins, GIT, SVN, JFrog Artifactory, Nginx and Nexus. Create, develop and maintain fully automated CI pipelines using Jenkins, SYN and GIT. Automate build and deployment process, workflows using ANT, Maven, Gradle, PowerShell, Perl, Python, Shell, Bash, Java and Ruby scripting. Build, deploy and support applications in various environments like Development (Dev), Proof of Concept (POC), Performance Testing (PT) and Production (Prod). Application deployment on various application servers such as WebLogic, Tomcat and JBOSS using Cl/CD tools. Develop workflows to validate token values on WebLogic, Tomcat and JBOSS to ensure token externalization. Create, develop, and maintain fully automated Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines using Jenkins. Develop and operate services and infrastructure in AWS using EKS. Provide production support for central deployments. Automate workflow monitoring for Dashboard to ensure applications are in synch after deployments. Support development of the DevOps Automation project management lifecycle through standardization and continuous improvement efforts. M.S. in Applied Computer Science or closely related field and 12 mo. experience in the job offered or as a DevOps Engineer. 12 mo. experience in: AWS cloud services (EKS, ECS, s3, IAM, ACM, ELB, AWS RDM, Athena, lambda, & CloudFormation); CI/CD tools (Jenkins & CircleCI); Prometheus, Grafana & Kibana; Scripting & IAC (Bash/Shell, Python & terraform). 40 hrs/wk. 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.


Any applicant who is interested in this position may apply to the following individual for consideration:

Latha Mahendramani