BOLT (Build>Operate>Lease>Transfer) is the latest offering from XTGlobal that aims to utilize the power of its resources to its fullest extent. Today’s businesses are bombarded with the question, “What’s Next” on a daily basis. Responding to a situation has become part of the new normal because every day presents a new challenge. While some companies can barely meet these situations head-on, others are raring to go with innovative offerings. Whatever your challenge or your goal is, XTGlobal has the capacity in terms of talent resources and infrastructure to help you meet them.

As a company, we know that you are always seeking to offer new products and services to your clients. With the advent of smart devices, every offering has to be new, fast, comprehensive, bold and flexible to meet customer’s expectations. Building the infrastructure or having the technical capability to offer such solutions is now the biggest challenge that companies are facing.


With XTGlobal’s BOLT (Build>Operate>Lease>Transfer) value model, you can have customized, trained teams to take on your projects. Free yourself from the hassles of identifying and training resources. XTGlobal takes on the team-building activity as per YOUR requirements. What you get is a ready-made team that you can either lease or take into your company entirely.

BOLT for Business Process Services

Get the benefit of a world-class business process services center that has been working with several top companies for the last 20 years. Build your dream team at our office location in Visakhapatnam, India with all the required infrastructure. Once the team is operational, you have the option of leasing it or getting the team transferred to your location.

XTGlobal offers the following business process services under the Circulus brand:

  • Document Collection
  • Data Extraction
  • Workflow Automation


  • Suitable for companies with no offshore partnerships or those with limited offshore experience
  • Companies with no plans for immediate investment in human or IT resources can use this model
  • Companies can focus on their core business and leave the team-building process to us
  • Get talent that is trained and perfectly suitable for your specific project
  • Flexible and scalable model that grows with your business
  • Choice of either leasing the team or taking complete control of it in the long run
  • Transparency in operations
  • Ability to take ownership of the team if satisfied
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