With XTGlobal Taas offering, you can have the best of cloud-based testing without having to invest in QA teams, operating systems, test tools, hardware, application licenses or the test environment. You get the best testing tools for which you can pay-as-you-use.

We Offer

  • Automated Testing

    Automated Testing

  • On-Demand Testing

    On-Demand Testing

  • Security Testing

    Security Testing

  • Performance Testing

    Performance Testing

  • ERP Software Testing

    ERP Software Testing

Testing Needs

XTGlobal Offers Cloud Application Testing as service to meet all your Oracle cloud testing needs

  • As part of the offering, XTGlobal provides a ready to use automated regression test suite with several standard HCM and ERP scenarios.
  • Automates client specific, business critical functions and standard operating procedures into the suite.
  • Automates validation of client’s integrations including file formats and sizes.
  • Enhances the test suite periodically by adapting to UI Changes and other updates pushed by Oracle.
  • Adds any new test cases users would need to validate new features and functionalities released by Oracle.
  • Provides a detailed analysis of test results including, e-mail notifications, screenshots, logs and dashboards.
  • Reviews results by functional experts and provides necessary in-sights into release readiness.

Value Propositions

  • A large team of automation and manual testers available on-demand.
  • Extensive experience in configuring and using various test management and version control tools.
  • Functional expertise across modules in Cloud HCM, Cloud ERP and Integrations.
  • Vast expertise and experience in Selenium and other test automation tools.
  • Ability to support the operations team round the clock with a proven Onshore/Offshore delivery mode.
  • Experienced yet cost-effective resource pool.