XTGlobal Accounting Outsourcing – Key Considerations

  • Presenting a dedicated offshore team of industry experts with extensive experience across various domains, we excel in meeting your outsourcing needs.
  • A scalable, flexible & accurate solution to handle routine business processes with 3-4 years experienced resources.
  • As a US-based company with GAAP experience and a global delivery center, we provide certified and qualified services on all major ERPs and accounting software, including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Nav, Ax, GP, SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, and more.
  • Benefit from our unique blend of advanced technology and seasoned operational teams, ensuring exceptional service and successful business outcomes.
  • Realize up to 60% in savings on your current operational costs of finance and accounting work, while maintaining the level of experience.

XTGlobal Accounting/Bookkeeping Offerings

XTGlobal’s Accounting/Bookkeeping offerings blend advanced technology and industry best practices for efficient and accurate financial management tailored to diverse business needs.

Accounts Payable

  • Invoice handling, review, upload
  • GL Coding, PO Matching, Approval routing
  • Vendor setup, Manage communication/inquiries
  • Vendor Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer invoicing using data from diverse portals
  • Process payments via multiple methods
  • Reconcile payments, update AR ledger
  • Dispatch reminders, statements, and collection letters

Exception Management

  • Verify vendor, invoice, tax compliance, and pricing accuracy
  • Ensure payment terms, documentation, policies, and contract compliance
  • Address issues by contacting points of contact promptly

Banking Management

  • Conduct monthly bank, credit card, and loan reconciliations
  • Upload payment summaries to third-party portals

Vendor Maintenance

  • Manage vendor communications and inquiries
  • Integrate new vendors into the system
  • Perform Vendor Master cleanup and maintenance

Data Entry

  • Input diverse entries into ERP like invoices, ledgers, payroll, taxes, etc.
  • Execute transaction corrections per leader requests


  • Identify AP department efficiency opportunities
  • Automate workflows using best practices
  • Craft presentations and summarize research findings
  • Generate weekly reports on payables, Aging, AR, and collections performance
  • Email Management

Business Process Outsourcing Strategic Benefits

  • Client-centric approach
  • Complete control of processes, techniques, and knowledge
  • Optimization of the operations over a short period
  • Replication of the parent company’s processes
  • Tailored teams with diverse skills per client needs
  • Scalable operational support
  • Ability to complement client’s US staff
  • Complete operational control
  • Minimal data security risk
  • Diverse facilities cover dining, fitness, recreation
  • No office setup hassles, and hiring overseas

Operational Dynamics of Outsourcing with XTGlobal

XTGlobal collaborates efficiently with clients as an outsourcing partner. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Collect the client team’s hiring specifications, including roles, job descriptions, and the desired number of resources for each role.
Initiate a commencement meeting with XTGlobal and Client Executive Leadership to deliberate on Job specifications and required roles.
Develop spreadsheets illustrating the current team placement and budgetary figures to be shared during the weekly meetings.
Lead role onboarding entails orienting and acclimating new leaders to their roles, responsibilities, and culture, seamlessly integrated into all relevant communication channels.
Upon completing the lead role onboarding process, commence the systematic fulfillment of all supplementary roles within the organization.
After team formation, weekly meetings shift to leadership discussions covering additional forecasting, team performance, and addressing relevant concerns.

Acquired Deliverables

Experience the advantages of XTGlobal’s Business Process Outsourcing, gaining access to the following benefits –

Efficient Operations

With XTGlobal’s services, access cutting-edge technologies and talent to efficiently handle extensive documentation, workflows, policies, and procedures.

Optimize Resources

Delegate routine processes to focus resources on advancing products and services.

Integrated Scalability

Seamless integration with your team’s current business processes and systems, while providing enduring flexibility and scalability.

Circulus is XTGlobal’s Cloud-Based Accounts Payable Automation Solution. Harness the synergy of technology and human proficiency by exploring more about Circulus from here.

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