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Test Planning

Our project and technical resources will work closely with you to define the key areas required for a successful QA cycle. Among these include: project structure, tools, scope, pass/fail criteria and deliverable definitions.

Manual QA Testing

For projects that require a “human” experience in order to adequately test patterns, we offer manual QA testing. This testing type is useful when looking to get realistic data based on human usage, which may involve more than simple pass/fail criteria.

Automated QA Testing

Where manual testing is excellent for providing information in the unstructured, human approach to software usage, automated testing can dramatically speed up binary pass/fail tasks. By utilizing Selenium, rigorous test patterns of predictable user paths can be

Results & Deliverables

If not properly documented, valuable QA data won’t provide development with the detail and context needed to address issues. Our team will work with you to define the content and format best suited to incorporate QA data into your operations.

Advocating Quality

Incorporating a formal QA discipline and mindset within your organization can significantly impact your products. By enforcing best practices and process, you can realize improved products, swift development cycles, lowered costs

QA Software Testing
User Confidence

By offering an error-free experience, user perception and satisfaction can greatly reduce support costs and lost revenue due to churn.

Speed to Market

Through regular assessment, identifying defects earlier in the process can dramatically expedite your time-to-market.

Cost Savings

Avoid costly re-coding and feature standstills by catching defects throughout the production cycle.


Choosing the Right Testing Method for Your Business

IT Overview


Choosing the Right Testing Method for Your Business

IT Overview


Choosing the Right Testing Method for Your Business

IT Overview

Which Testing Approach is Right for Your Needs?

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