Building Great Minds Together

Today’s hyper-connected digital world needs extraordinary capabilities of both intellect and attitude. The transition from ‘What I Know’ to ‘What I Need to Know’ should happen.

The real-business challenges cannot be solved through technical mindset alone. It needs a New Age Learning which combines business with science and social conscience. It should be a right confluence of technical knowledge with business mindset that understands clients’ challenges.

XTGlobal Learning experiences are totally immersive and connected at the enterprise level to give professional minds a chance to advance their thinking beyond traditional boundaries. We understand the need to develop enhanced capabilities that focus primarily on problem solving. We know that real learning never stops and hence we invest in processes that teach critical skills to help thrive in a digital, boundaryless world.

About XCEL

The XCEL (XTGlobal Continuous Education and Learning) Academy is part of our endeavor to invest in employee career advancement. Our training is not limited to the subject – we are also committed to nurture thought process towards a well-rounded solution-oriented approach. Through mentoring, teamwork, and continuous learning, we aim to create professionals who are quick to respond to dynamic needs and willing to expand their capabilities.

XTGlobal has training programs that are suitable for professionals at all levels of expertise and expertise. Right from the entry level employees to senior leaders, everyone can leverage the XCEL Academy offerings for career advancement, to gain knowledge on new technologies, and to hone their leadership skills.

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