Press Release: XTGlobal™ Announces Corporate Re-Brand

By XTGlobal Posted 16-Jun-2014

XTGlobal™ Announces Corporate Re-Brand

Plano, TX, June 16th, 2014: XTGlobal, Inc., a leader in strategic technology solutions for AP automation, IT services, resource staffing and business process outsourcing, has announced a comprehensive corporate re-branding initiative to go into effect throughout June 2014. This re-branding will encompass all aspects of the brand’s visual identity, as well as a complete revision of the XTGlobal tagline, mission statement and vision statement.

As a rapidly-growing organization, XTGlobal is consistently expanding its product and service portfolio, in addition to expanding its offerings into new markets. This expansion and growth presented the need to re-evaluate not just the visual identity, but the XTGlobal brand positioning as a whole. From this evaluation, the opportunity to re-define and align the brand with the corporate vision and strategy was presented.

“We tasked ourselves with developing a brand identity which speaks to our commitments to quality, technology and vision. In doing so, we feel that we’ve created a unique and representative look, which not only applies to our business today, but works just as effectively when considered alongside our long-term strategic goals.” said Wes Wilkins, Marketing Director at XTGlobal.

In addition to the new logo design, the company has eliminated its existing tagline, and incorporated the new “Technology Meets Vision” tagline into its brand executions. Chosen for its ability to encapsulate the company’s philosophy and services into a single statement, the new tagline will become a highly-visible component of the new XTGlobal brand. The company re-branding initiative will impact all aspects of public-facing touchpoints. Throughout June 2014, XTGlobal will launch a completely re-designed website, in addition to the re-branding of all online properties and business systems.

Key Components of Re-Branding Initiative:

  • The inclusion of a strong logomark form, illustrating focus and forward motion
  • Clean sans serif font treatment for streamlined and sophisticated feel
  • New tagline to reinforce long-term visionary approach to technology
  • Creation of a subtle and sophisticated brand color palette

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About XTGlobal

XTGlobal is a leading provider of technology services and solutions designed to maximize organizational efficiency and business growth of a diverse and growing client list. Focused on developing tailored solutions, XTGlobal offers a best-in-class product and service portfolio serving the needs of AP Automation, IT Services, Resource Staffing and Business Process Outsourcing. XTGlobal is among the fastest growing private companies in the United States, and has since its inception in 1998, expanded its operation to a team of over 500 professionals across the United States and India. For more information, please visit

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