The Fabulous Fable of Childhood Buddies Turned Corporate Friends

By XTGlobal Posted 26-Aug-2022

Friends Together Always Grow Together and Win Together

Humans are wired to seek social connections, and the workplace friendships play a vital role. Studies show that these friendships support our overall well-being by sustaining and nurturing our growth through meaningful interactions. Now, imagine what significance it holds, what kind of impact it creates when your childhood friend becomes your work friend! Researchers have confirmed that when compared to those who don’t, employees who have best friends at work identify significantly higher levels of healthy stress management. When you get the good fortune to work with your childhood best friend, you go through experiences that become treasures and stem into a fruitful tree of united growth and success.

Such is the friendship of two childhood friends turned XTGians who demonstrated the essence of Friends Together Always Grow Together and Win Together – Harish Edupuganti & Krishna Chaitanya Nidadavolu

You don't have to have anything in common with friends you've known since you were four years old - With childhood friends, you've got your whole life in common. This is how the story of Harish and Chaitanya goes…

Back in school days, all we used to dream about enjoying PlayStation with our best friend.

Back in college days, all we used to dream about winning fav sports with our best friend.

Back in 20s, all we used to dream about growing career side by side with our best friend.

The dream of working together with our childhood buddies in the same office used to send us on cloud nine – ‘How awesome would it be being roommates, go to office together, work hard in the same company, grow in unison and win in our individual careers!’

Well, Harish and Chaitanya are those two friends who fulfilled all these dreams.

When we asked them since how long you both have been friends, here is their answer to this, “We do not remember days/years, we only remember Moments, as we both grew together since we were 4 years old and still growing together professionally and personally in our late 30's. From Schoolmates, Classmates, Benchmates, Roommates to Projectmates… they both found so many mates within each other during different stages of their lives. As these two tiny tots developed into capable professionals, their friendship strengthened by each passing year.

It was in 2008 when Harish started his career with XTGlobal as a #SoftwareTestEngineer. During the course, he climbed the career ladder and took up varied responsibilities such as Operations, Night Tech Support, #QualityAssuranceLead and currently he is a #QAManager for #Circulus #APAutomation. Everyone in the team has a common notion for Harish, ‘You joined as a fresher here and you will retire too with XTGlobal ?.’

“Childhood friends are the benchmark of our lives, no matter where we go, what we do. They will always come by and take you to the place where they are”. When XTGlobal was looking for a competent #ProcessAssociate in the #BPO Team, Harish instantly referred his skilled friend Chaitanya. “The time we spent together in office and playing games was most memorable. During his night shifts, I used to stay back in office along with him continuing my work and had lots of fun working along with him,” reminisces Chaitanya. Soon Chaitanya became the Team Lead for #DataExtraction Services and he was unstoppable. From Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager to Manager for the BPO, Chaitanya progressed exponentially by assuring 99%+ #DataExtractionAccuracy. Today, he manages recruiting and all other operational activities at XTGlobal’s own #NewOfficeBuilding near #RushikondaBeach #Visakhapatnam. He is not just involved in #Recruitment of #SoftwareTrainees and #GraduateTrainees but also conducting #TrainingWorkshops for these trainees at our #OffshoreDeliveryCenter in #Vizag.

Motivating each other at every step, these childhood friends turned colleagues, worked hard joyfully, contributed equally to the growth and success of the organization.

There’s a parable – ‘When two souls wished to stay together forever, God made them Best Friends.’ This long-lasting friendship of Harish and Chaitanya exemplifies it beautifully.

As stated in a research report by Globoforce, “It is hard to underestimate the impact our co-workers have on the experience of working for a company.” Those connections can energize the quality of our work lives. They also strongly impact how we look back at our career and achievements. They inspire and motivate us. They bring us closer to our companies, and they make us want to stay.


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