The Saga of Two Long-Time Friends Who Built a Successful Organization Together…

By XTGlobal Posted 11-Aug-2022

Friends Together Always Grow Together and Win Together

You would have heard of innumerable homegrown companies which have assembled their success through friendships. Bonded with the ties of unerring trust, loyalty and hardwork, these friends have faced hurdles of disappointments, rejections and setbacks before reaching the summit of success. They’ve, in turn, hired more friends, developing a bigger family. We have all heard about Google, Apple and Facebook. What’s the reason behind their success? They foster and encourage camaraderie at work. A company that can successfully build a network of friendship, resent politics, and continue to grow in comradeship will always scale to success.

The entrepreneur and businessman who established one of the largest chains of department stores in the United States, J.C. Penney believed, “Every great business is built on Friendship.” Well, the friendship story which roots the strong foundation of XTGlobal is synonymous to this very belief. The Saga of Two Long-Standing Friends Who Built the Success Together…

Celebrating this significant Friendship month, we’re here to showcase the story of such good friends who have built XTGlobal, enriched each other’s lives immeasurably & who uphold the spirit of Friends Together Always Grow Together and Win Together.

Rama Rao Mullapudi, CEO, President and Director, XTGlobal, Inc. & Gangadhar Sharyala, Vice President - Microsoft Solutions

A youth, ambitious for transformation had an aspiration to help businesses transform and flourish. He was wise and a risk-taker. He thought to himself, ‘What’s the most crucial factor for creating a Trustworthy, Desirable, Progressive and Victorious Organization?’

Is it a set of sturdy pillars? No… He knew the answer – The Reliable People.

He needed the Sturdy Shoulders on which his Vision can rely on. He started from the United States to India in his quest for transformative success. Today, he is the inspiring Entrepreneur whom everyone looks up to, the humble Leader who Leads, The CEO of XTGlobal - Rama Mullapudi.

But what was the decisive step that led him to achieve this success?

The first step he took was towards the Road of a Strong, Long-Lasting Friendship.

He counted on his competent and supportive Friend - Ganga Sharyala, to walk Together on the path of building trustworthy, committed and people-first organization. Today, for the world, these two inspiring leaders are successful professionals but actually, they are Friends who are always Loyal and Supportive to each other to achieve a Bigger Goal. More than as Ganga Sharyala, XTGlobal Vice President - Microsoft Solutions, he is known more for his Responsible and Uncountable Advisory Friend To Rama.

The roots of this strong Friendship has started when they were doing their Post Graduation in Andhra University, College of Engineering. Right from College to Corporate they both travelled from India to United States and have been together forever. This is where we can find the unerring secret to success. It’s been 35 Years now they are friends and their bonding helped each other to grow both personally and professionally.

Just One good friend can double your happiness and enrich your life immeasurably. This is exactly what the people of XTGlobal, our XTGians have exemplified through their lives and bonds of ever-lasting friendships. That’s the reason XTGlobal nurtures and motivates a culture of workplace friendships to establish a happier, healthy work environment for the most crucial asset of the organization – the People. We hope that these journeys of eternal friends will make you reminisce about your precious tales of friendships, inspire to nurture these bonds and as a result, contribute towards the lofty goal of world peace.


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