The Saga of Two Polar-Opposite Friends Who Always Complemented Each Other…

By XTGlobal Posted 19-Aug-2022

Friends Together Always Grow Together and Win Together

More than one third of our lives, we spend at our workplace. So, it’s evident that we will cultivate strong and long-lasting friendships with those who share our mission. In fact, studies demonstrate that office friendships are more of a basic human need. As CNBC affirms that real friendship is the key to our long-term career success, health, and happiness. It addresses the basic sense of purpose, confidence and satisfaction that we crave for.

Moreover, a lot of times this unfolds unique and inspiring tales of friendships between unique individuals who are committed to a vision of united growth and success. Sometimes their bonds are built on their similarities while sometimes, the differences act as the poles of a magnet. In either case, the friendships are quite sturdy and can last till eternity.

But have you ever wondered what it means to have a polar-opposite friend? Ask Murali and Kiran, who met each other 15 years back at their former organization and have imbibed the spirit of Friends Together Always Grow Together and Win Together.

One of the XTGlobal Friendship Tales, the story of Murali Poosarla and Kiran Pathuri interestingly depicts such kind of a bond…

Murali is Jovial, Dynamic & Sporty. Wherein Kiran is Calm, Poised & Responsible. They both are opposite poles by nature but still supported each other with their unique qualities.

Murali and Kiran’s friendly journey started at their previous firm #Effexsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd, where Murali got glued along with Kiran for his wonderful traits of honest, hardworking and helpful nature. Murali too had his fair share of impact on Kiran with his jovial, caring and straightforward approach. From then on, they have been together through thick and thin. They could take their Friendship to next level by reuniting after 5 years at XTGlobal. Ever since, they have been together helping each other in times of need, strengthening their bond and growth.

Murali joined XTGlobal, Inc. in 2007 as a #SoftwareTestEngineer. He was the foremost person to start the #Testing team in XTGlobal and he has built the entire team with both #ManualTesting and #AutomatedTesting processes. His Quality work pushed him up as a #QualityAssuranceLead and then as #QAManager in the Product BU. His Dynamic nature motivated him to upgrade his skillset with the latest technologies and so he has currently moved to #RoboticProcessAutomation Business Unit as a Senior Project Manager to train #DotNetDevelopers for #RPA Practice.

When XTGlobal, Inc. was looking for a #SystemAdministrator, he immediately remembered Kiran P who is known for his honesty and competence. Murali showed the XTGlobal way to Kiran and Kiran has made his own impactful way in XTGlobal for 10 years now.

In these 10 years Kiran has taken up different roles – He started as Sr. System Administrator, then taken up the role in #InformationSecurityManagementSystem process as #InformationSecurityManager. And then from #ISMS, to give his expertise to XTGlobal clients, he has now taken up the role as Lead System Administrator. He has grown his career here from the Internal Support team to the External Client Support for one of our prestigious clients - a leading #tolling software provider. Kiran proved that it is not the roles that matter but the responsibility to contribute value to the organization’s need is what matters more.

These workplace friendships create loyalty, sincerity, and commitment. And what better for an organization than to have these values in its workforce? Strong friendships, mutual respect, close-knit teams and a shared sense of humor; all of these benefit both the organization and the employees. Teams like these are more productive, more satisfied in their jobs, and help create a more cohesive organizational culture. In the end, workplace friendships help in achieving employee belongingness with high spirits of motivation.


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