XTGlobal Consolidates Select Business Units Into Circulus Brand

By XTGlobal Posted 17-Feb-2017

Plano, TX, February 20, 2017: XTGlobal has announced the consolidation and re-branding of its business process outsourcing, automation technologies, accounts payable platforms and SMB solutions as of March 1st. This new brand will be known as Circulus, and will target both enterprise and small-to-medium businesses with its product and service portfolio.

Since 2006, XTGlobal’s enterprise services have processed over 93 million documents, with a total invoice value of over $153 billion, while the SMB solution (XTBills) has paid over $80MM worth of payables on behalf of its quickly growing customer base. While the offerings are nuanced across industries and client size, the underlying methodologies, competencies and capabilities were found to be quite similar. Says VP of Enterprise Sales, Diane Gasparro “As we looked into the separate lines of business, we quickly realized that there were far more operational similarities than differences.”

With that realization, the decision was made to ally the divisions, leveraging the strengths of each and positioning the company with a singular focus on automation and tech-enabled process outsourcing. This shift also reinforces corporate values and standards cohesively across the entire organization.

“We are excited about expanding our presence into new markets based on this focused approach to what we’re all about as a company” says founder and CEO Rama Mullapudi.

XTGlobal has also been a leading provider of IT services, development, and tech resource management since 1998. With this re-brand, the XTGlobal brand will be entirely dedicated to these services, allowing for the same type of focus that Circulus now provides the AP and BPO markets.

The re-branded executions will begin to launch on February 20th.

About Circulus

Launched in 2017, Circulus is the convergence of three separate business units previously managed under the XTGlobal and XTBills brands. Since 2006, the company’s enterprise services have processed over 93 million documents, with invoice values of over $153 billion, while the SMB division has paid over $80MM in payables on behalf of its growing customer base. This includes more than 22,000 ACH payments and 6,000 check payments since the launch in 2015. Circulus is based inPlano, Texas, with over 500 employees throughout the U.S. and India.


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